Saturday, May 7, 2011

Restorant CM Fried Fish 亚明潮式鱼头鱼汤 Must Try!

Restaurant CM

This is One of my Top number 1 Favorite Restaurant in Johor Bahru. Restaurant CM is a Teo Chew Style food restaurant that is Specializing in Cooking Fish gourmet. Not sure how many years this restaurant has been in business. At least 10 years, this shop has been always packed with local fish lovers for food.

Although based its name in Chinese means fish head soup, but in my personal opinion it is not the best dish that we attracted us.
What is it’s Signature dish?
  • Ranked No 1 Fried Fish (Head or body meat that you can choose). – this is a MUST TRY Dish, they fried the fish with dried chili, young ginger, chili but it is not a spicy dish. It is a very tasty not spicy dish. Eat it and you will thanks me for recommend this dish for you.
  • Fish Head Soup – one of its signature dish
  • Salted fish Steam Mince pork – another one of my favorite dish here. If you are a fans of salted fish. You should try this, I would boast that it has the best salted fish steam mince pork I had ever had!
  • Any other Steam fish either teo chew style or spicy sour – this place is full of fresh fish. That is why those pro food lover’s lingers here!
Fried Fish 

Sour Spicy Steam grouper

Oh Gosh! my all time favourite

Restaurant CM 亚明潮式鱼头鱼汤 
Jalan Perang
Taman Pelangi
800400 Johor Bahru 
Operating hour: 9am to 4pm
Off days on sunday

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Embrace Wedding Gallery Jalan Serampang New opening

Embrace Wedding Gallery

Wedding Gallery in Johor Bahru is getting more and more competitive. there are so many top class standard gallery opened here in the recent years. They had attracted a lots of Local, those from KL, Ipoh or various part from Malaysia that are working in Singapore And also Singaporeans to take their wedding photo here. The photography standard, Make up Artist standard in Johor Bahru in compatible as international standards. Various International Photography awards is also won by these photographer in JB.  
Thus it is definitely a good news for those newly wed couple that are looking for a competitive price yet getting a Dream Wedding Album of a lifetime. 

Embrace Wedding Gallery, Newly opened on 2nd of May 2011. I happened to be a close friend of the owner of this gallery was honored to be invited to attend the opening of this wedding gallery. Embrace wedding team is currently lead by Gino (well known make up artist), Terry (Award winning Photographer). 

I am actually impressed with the artworks of Terry photography skill by viewing his sample album. Renovation of the shop is very comfy with nice ambiance. I would also recommend their wedding gown and dinner gown, Flashy, gorgeous, beautiful and most importantly it is New! 

I will recommend for those lovely couple who are in the planning of getting married to check on this gallery. They definitely charging a very competitive price in the market. 
Lets wish them to push this Wedding photography into another new level of standard. 
Embrace Wedding Gallery
No 37, Jalan Serampang, 
Tmn Sri Tebrau 8005-
Working Hour: 10AM - 9PM
Contact No: 07-3339663

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Restaurant See Hai 101 Grill Chicken Wing 新四海101海鲜楼串烧

Restaurant See Hai 101
 If you are looking for a place to have something light for dinner or Supper and Happen to be in JB. you should come here to try this! This Restoran See Hai 101 is one of the 2 very famous place to have Grill Chicken Wing. Another Famous Restaurant is just located next to it Restaurant Kimdo.

What is so special at this restaurant? Why is it so crowded? 
They are selling a very special type of grill food. especially their chicken wing. Instead of used the whole chicken wing like normal grilling does. They only used certain part of the wing which used the most delicate part of the wing. They also used their specially creation of spice together with the grill to perfection and deliver us a plate of delicous food at a very reasonable price of RM 1 per stick! 

What is Must Have? 
1.     Grilled Chicken Wing 
2.     Grilled Squid 
3.     Grilled Prawn 
4.     A Pot of Lou Shu Fan (老鼠粉)  
Best for eating Dinner or Supper. 
I Strongly recommend this to you. It is a must have food in Johor Bahru! 

Restaurant See Hai 101 新四海101海鲜楼串烧 
Jalan Sutera 
Taman Sentosa
80350 Johor Bahru Johor 

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