Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pandan Beef Noodle 班兰牛肉面

Pandan Beef Noodle a all time favorite for me. I had this noodle ever since i was kid. 
Pandan Beef Noodle now has 2 branch, 1 in Pandan New Village nearby of the Chinese Temple (三神庙). Another which is always visited is at Johor Jaya Branch. It is rumored that the business is started by their father, later the recipe was passed to his 3 children, and now there are only 2 of his 3 children was still selling beef noodle. 

What you should eat when you are here? I would strongly recommended Dry Noodle. one of the best taste is the taste of his fried garlic oil when it was put on the noodle. when you mixed with their home made chili sauce sweet and spicy on his dry noodle was fantastic.

of course that the main dish is its Beef Ball. their specialties is 2 kind of beef ball. 
  1. Plain Beef Ball - Although it seems like nothing special. it is their hand made beef ball that is very bouncy when you bite it. 
  2. Beef Nerve Ball - this balls is produced from some part of the cattle. the part of the meat that has a lot of nerve on it. normally if we eat by steak these meat will be very hard to cut of. they had amazingly creatively use this part to made it into balls. it created the most bouncy type of ball you will ever had. further added pepper into the making. taste heavenly Fantastic. 

Bad news is 2nd type of balls always sold out. if you are not an early bird you might will missed it.
Of course when you are eating Beef Noodle you should not missed the beef inner parts such as beef kidney, also give a special taste. trust me it wont taste weird. 

they charge reasonably at RM 6 per bowl. 
opened from 8 - 3pm daily. 

Address: Jalan Bakawali 37, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru Johor. 
Enjoy Folks!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

eating at Skudai Duck Mee, 37years Braised Duck gravy 士古来鸭肉,独特37年卤水

Old Skudai Duck Mee shop
Today i Follow Axian Blog to this Skudai Duck Mee. it is said with this shop has maintained the very same ingredient and same soup 37years of braised duck gravy. The owner have to keep it boiled everyday from keeping it from spoiled. 
The very first impression this restaurant give me is it has a very old shop feeling. not bad actually, just feel like going back to 20years before. it does not have very good renovation, but just good enough for eating pleasure. owner of the restaurant is putting an old Cantonese Drama Song which reminds me of my old Grandpa Favorite type of song. thats why i have a good feeling. 

i did not order much food as i go there with only another 3 friend. as you can see totaled 3 dishes on the table. 
ok, first of all they they offer to serve kueh tiao or white rice. this is up to you own choice. i tested it's kueh tiao. nothing to grumble nor to be praised. it means so so only lah. 
Main Course is the Braised Duck Meat. Duck meat is not tender, i would consider it is rough i find it is acceptable it just serve different people taste of biting (some people like to eat Chicken Breast Meat and some like to eat Chicken Backs which is more tender) and i consider this is like chicken breast meat lo. however as per the title the 37 years of Braised Gravy is fantastic. it give me a very thick flavor of herbal taste. Most importantly it taste very good! 
second is picture on the left. Braised Pig intestine, meat is Tender, it give you a very good biting pleasure where we describe as 'Very Q'. others is normal where i also orders taufu and braised egg
and this Car was parked inside of the restaurant which further enhance the feel of an old shop. i took a good picture of this antique car. Ha Ha, just like it. how i wish it could be my bride car on my wedding day! 
Boss if you see this pls leave a comment and offer me to lend me your Baby! ok!

As a conclusion, i give a 3 star rating for the food taste just nice, braised gravy is fantastic, price is reasonable although a lots of singaporeans do visit here. I paid total RM 40 for the above food +  water. if normally in town this will at least cost us 50% more.

29,Jalan Emas Putih Dua, Taman Sri Skudai, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor. Closed on tuesday. 

Not Halal! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Johor Bahru Chingay 柔佛新山游神

Chinese New Year is over for most of the chinese in the world normally Chinise celebrate their CNY untill Lunar 15 of the first month which falls on 17th of Febuary.

But this is not happening in Johor Bahru. Johor Bahru Chinese Celebrating their chinese new year until 23rd of febuary (Lunar 21st of first month). Reason is due to Chingay of Johor Bahru is celebrate on this day.

Every Year we are celebrating the one of the Johor's biggest Chinese Culture event here by taking Deities on a parade. This parade is firstly organized by Old Johor Temple with more than 100yrs history. this one of the biggest Chinese culture event in the world. it is not hold by government. this is event is proudly hold by the chinese community in Johor. Last year 2009, this event has attracted 100 thousands of people including others states and others culture and religion people.

Johor Old Temple is located in Jalan Trus, Poskod 8000, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Inside the temple there is also a history room for you to travel back the time with the temple history.
inside the temple there is 5 Deities that are separately worshiped by different clan.
  1. Zhao Da Yuan Shuai - escort Hainan Association
  2. Hua Guang Da Di - Escort by Guang Zhao Association
  3. Gan Tian Da Di - Escort by Hakka Association
  4. Hong Xian Da Di - Escort by Hokkien Association
  5. and Lastly Yuan Tian Shang Di (aka Da Lao Ye) - Escort by Teo Chew Association.
This has also shown that their culture of accepting every other clan together to celebrate this very huge event. and call this as the 5 clan Spirit

The Parade will start on the morning of 21st Lunar by escorting deities from the Temple to Tiong Hwa Cemetry to get ready for the evening parade.

evening parade which is the most important and entertaining part of the parade start from 6 pm from Tiong Hwa Cemetry until 1 am to reach back the same place.

on 2nd day, 22nd Lunar morning deities will be escort back to the temple.

Thus if you are coming to join this event, you could just come for the evening parade. starting from 6 pm. by this time it will be a lot more comfortable to watch as it is not as hot as evening.
If you wanna go back early i would recommend you to station at Jalan Ngee Heng as that is the starting point for the parade.
if you want a spot that is not so humid. i would recommend you station at OCBC and POS Besar Street as it is along the sea side which will bring sea breeze to you. Cool :)
I would say the best spot is on City Square or Jalan Wong Ah Fook, due to the broad space there. every year every team will display their skill and entertainment at that area which provide you the best entertainment spot.

before you go for the parade there is a Chinese Video Clip link below for you to have more understanding with this event. by understanding more you will definitely enjoy the show even more.

by here i would like to wish all the Chinese people a Happy Chingay and also every body who looking at this blog, Heng ah!