Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jade Garden Seafood at Penggerang (aka Fei Cui Restaurant. 翡翠海鲜), Desaru Best Lobster selling restaurant in Johor

Penggerang, Once a small Fishing town in Johor Southern part, most of the villager is working as a fisherman. So it is common that locals and some nearby town such as desaru, johor bahru would travel to this town for some fresh and cheap seafood.

Now the town is a part of the RAPID development that focus as a petroleum brewing town (in my own transaction) this town has more and more visitor and people staying now. Recent spillover from Iskandar development in Johor has triggered some major development on Desaru too. with the new development over there. i would foresee there will be more and more visitor coming to this small town in no time. Well that is a good news for the folks of the town.

In this town, there is a an already famous restaurant for its seafood delicacy. Jade Garden Seafood (aka Fei Cui Seafood) has been famous of its dish of small lobster (young Lobster) with a superior gravy steamed. unlike frozen lobster that i had tried in Bali and Phuket... instead of using a frozen lobster they are using live lobster so that we could taste its freshness of the lobster. its meat is also more juicy and bouncy when compared to a frozen lobster when its meat are meshed (or easily torn off) when we tried to eat. there is totally no fun in eating a frozen lobster!! Boss also introduced others cooking style for the lobster but of course we go for the most famous so that i could introduce to all of you!

Live Lobster! 

I also had a few other dish and to my surprise there is more than lobster to be introduce in this Restaurant! a few must intro dish to you all.

1) Tai Zi Fried mee hun, 太子抄米粉 - Mee Hun is fried to dry with whole prawn, with this method the prawn and the mee hun is full with fragrance of the fried prawn. you can easily imagine the fragrance now. OMG!! i miss this dished better than the lobster in fact!!
Taizi Fried Mee Hun

2) Salted Egg Fried Crab - it is a normal dish that we could eat in any restaurant. the difference is it is much more tasty than others, the gravy of the salted egg yolk mixed with the gravy, and its gravy is generously rich in the dish unlike other restaurant you can hardly had a spoonful of the gravy on the plate.

Jade Garden Seafood is a must try restaurant in Penggerang. it is not overly rated by the media in my opinion. i would welcome any recommendation in that area so that i had others thing to try on.
it is definitely worth the travelling time from Desaru about 20 mins drive there. As desaru you could hardly had anything decent there.

Restaurant Name: Jade Garden Seafood Corner Fei Cui Yuan Hai Xian Jiu Jia
Address: 54, Jalan Kerisi, Sungai Rengit, Pengerang, Johor
Business Hour: 11 am to 10.30 Pm
GPS: 1.350967, 104.224076 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spicy Johor 火辣柔佛: Storia Cafe - Otak-Otak Breakfast 十多利茶餐市 - 乌塔早餐

Spicy Johor 火辣柔佛: Storia Cafe - Otak-Otak Breakfast 十多利茶餐市 - 乌塔早餐

Nice ambience and tasty food at Restaurant On Kee Permas Jaya 安记楼

Restaurant On Kee is a fine chinese cuisine restaurant that is located in Bandar Baru Permas Jaya. it is a fully air conditioned restaurant with fine ambiance. They also broadcast soothing music there. Although this is not y first time into this restaurant. However it is first time that i visited this restaurant ever since i started this Spicy johor Blog. thus this time around i am more enjoying the environment and the food more details.  
I must say that i am very happy to have my dinner here this evening. Started from the smiling that we received when entering the premises from the polite waitresses. Temperatures of the premises was just nice. we definitely feels comfortably enough. 
If you wander enough in the restaurant it isn't hard for us to notice that their chef is a award winning chef. 
We ordered 4 dishes + 1 desert. what must be praised for the good work here is 2 dish that taste good and good to be recommended. The preserved turnips steam grouper And Chicken essence steamed Prawn. we actually finished all the gravy of the chicken essence! 

Preserved Turnips steamed groupers

Chicken Essence steamed huge sea prawn! 

Lastly we also ordered a Teo Chew Yam as a desert but due to i was too busy with my kids i totally forgotten to took the picture of it. Teo Chew Yam is always a very good desert to have. Total damage of 195. Grouper is costing RM 11 per 100/g (total RM75) and the Prawn Damage RM 45.  

Although not cheap but if wanna pleased someone with a nice cuisine such as your girlfriend family then this place would be a nice choice! 

Name: Restaurant On Kee
Address: 84, Jalan Permas 10, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya 81750 Masai, Johor
Phone No:07- 3882261

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Negeri Sembilan tourism fliers is wasting money

Today at the Johor Matta fair I came across of this Negeri Sembilan (ns) fliers of tourism.
I have taken 2 different fliers for ns. 1 for Eco-tourism and 2nd one for Cultural Heritage. Which actually looked interesting to me with the nice eye catching picture on the fliers.

All this while I has always been supporting internal tourism instead of abroad tourism. The reason is I always hated some people with the mindset of "moon on abroad is roundest" (in a Chinese proverb). In other word it means that the person always thinking other country is always better and more beautiful.

I always had a wish that I could finish travel whole Malaysia before I starting really travelling others country.

Ok Fast forward -

And to my disappointment, this fliers is totally useless and I could say it hold absolutely no info. It is even more worthless than a piece of white paper..

Look at the inside of the fliers... Only listed the name of the place and nothing else.. What the hell?! Can't even bother to describe the place, address, phone number, or any info that we can used for digging more info.

Though I had always avoided writing negative thing in my blog, however I hope that our tourism advertising must do a whole lot more than this! It is totally unacceptable with this kind of standard that our tourism ministry can only do. I would say we can easily get any fliers that is more informative than this in any other counter.

This is what our foreigner friend is looking at our tourism. Do you really think that this piece of paper will attract anyone on this earth?
Our tourism industry is still a very long way to go.

Good luck!

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