Saturday, March 3, 2012

Negeri Sembilan tourism fliers is wasting money

Today at the Johor Matta fair I came across of this Negeri Sembilan (ns) fliers of tourism.
I have taken 2 different fliers for ns. 1 for Eco-tourism and 2nd one for Cultural Heritage. Which actually looked interesting to me with the nice eye catching picture on the fliers.

All this while I has always been supporting internal tourism instead of abroad tourism. The reason is I always hated some people with the mindset of "moon on abroad is roundest" (in a Chinese proverb). In other word it means that the person always thinking other country is always better and more beautiful.

I always had a wish that I could finish travel whole Malaysia before I starting really travelling others country.

Ok Fast forward -

And to my disappointment, this fliers is totally useless and I could say it hold absolutely no info. It is even more worthless than a piece of white paper..

Look at the inside of the fliers... Only listed the name of the place and nothing else.. What the hell?! Can't even bother to describe the place, address, phone number, or any info that we can used for digging more info.

Though I had always avoided writing negative thing in my blog, however I hope that our tourism advertising must do a whole lot more than this! It is totally unacceptable with this kind of standard that our tourism ministry can only do. I would say we can easily get any fliers that is more informative than this in any other counter.

This is what our foreigner friend is looking at our tourism. Do you really think that this piece of paper will attract anyone on this earth?
Our tourism industry is still a very long way to go.

Good luck!

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

148 years Chingay 2012 Johor bahru Finally declared a cultural heritage

It has been 148 years since Johor tionghua association has hold this yearly cultural event that is assisted by 5 chinese clan Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Hainanese And Teochew. 2011 has attracted 300,000 spectator.
This year, this event will be hold on 12/2/2012 is expected to exceed previous year spectator as it has been declared by our PM as cultural heritage this year! It is a great great news to us as it will definitely boost our tourism in the state!
As per my knowledge that PM ah jib gor, Johor sultan - Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar, TMJ Tunku Ismail, Johor MB Abdul Ghani will be among the VVIPs. 988FM will once again attend this year event.
What will be the thing to watch for this year is the dragon that will be presented during the procession as this year is a dragon year! According to the local. This time will have 99 dragon for exhibition.

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Location:Johor bahru

25 years Kam Long serve one of the BEST Curry Fish Head in JB! 金龙加哩鱼头

25 years of business. It has now passes his business to second generation. But they are still doing very fine now.
What is so special for 'curry fish head' in this restaurant?
I believe that it is very well known among the food lover in JB and Singaporean that it is one of the BEST in town.
In this restaurant they only serve curry fish head with white rice.
They serve the dish with 2 types of fish.
1) 红鸡鱼 - Red snapper - you should opt for this fish if your want to eat it for its meat
2) 红斑鱼 - red spot grouper - this fish is more pricier compare to the 1st option, this fish meat is lesser but it taste more sweet.
So both option is easy for you to choose.

It's curry is made up of spices, lot types of curry spices which cooked to perfection. It is not as sweet as others type of curry fish gravy (those is cooked in using lots of coconut gravy). Thus you won't feel sick of the curry is you drink too much. For example this pot is finished by me and my wife.

They are now has a few outlets in town. They sell their gravy to them as a form of franchise. I was hoping that someday they will come out with packaging and sell it in the supermarket so that i can have it every week.
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Location:No 7, Jalan Wong Ah Fook Johor bahru.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A special rain on Friday

Friday 20th January 2012.

A sudden heavy rain started in Johor Bahru without any warning in the afternoon. It has caught the busy johorean by surprise on this day as most of the people is either rushing to finish their jobs in order welcome a long holiday or preparing tons of thing for the Chinese New Year celebration. I am one of those rushing people in this day. Suppose to send my car to one of the hundreds car wash centre so that my lovely car could show off it's skin in eye glittering way.
This rain however, instead of causing frustration, I feels like more welcome of the rain. Though it is a heavy rain that comes with loud lightning but soon afterward the lightning stop. In order to get in my car, I have to run without umbrella and get myself wet. While I am wiping myself dry I have this special feeling of wiping myself 'clean'...

On this very last day of my works for the year of rabbits, I felt like the rain has washed away all my exhaustion, frustration, negative energy that has been lingering on me for the past 12 month. After today (Friday), the next time I working will be the year of dragon! By then it will be a totally New Year, it mean a lots for me and a lots of Chinese. so when most of the people are doing their new year resolution on the 1st of the January(which I normally do), this year I will do it during the Chinese new year! Thanks for this 'special rain' that has cleansed me and had given me a new positive energy to embrace the challenge for the coming 2012. Come on 2012 bring it on!!

Also would like to take this chance to wish all the Chinese a Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!
And all the Malaysian a Happy Holiday and safe journey!


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