Sunday, May 1, 2011

Restaurant See Hai 101 Grill Chicken Wing 新四海101海鲜楼串烧

Restaurant See Hai 101
 If you are looking for a place to have something light for dinner or Supper and Happen to be in JB. you should come here to try this! This Restoran See Hai 101 is one of the 2 very famous place to have Grill Chicken Wing. Another Famous Restaurant is just located next to it Restaurant Kimdo.

What is so special at this restaurant? Why is it so crowded? 
They are selling a very special type of grill food. especially their chicken wing. Instead of used the whole chicken wing like normal grilling does. They only used certain part of the wing which used the most delicate part of the wing. They also used their specially creation of spice together with the grill to perfection and deliver us a plate of delicous food at a very reasonable price of RM 1 per stick! 

What is Must Have? 
1.     Grilled Chicken Wing 
2.     Grilled Squid 
3.     Grilled Prawn 
4.     A Pot of Lou Shu Fan (老鼠粉)  
Best for eating Dinner or Supper. 
I Strongly recommend this to you. It is a must have food in Johor Bahru! 

Restaurant See Hai 101 新四海101海鲜楼串烧 
Jalan Sutera 
Taman Sentosa
80350 Johor Bahru Johor 

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