Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eating BKT in Kiang Kee Bak Kut Tea - Kota Tinggi 强记早市肉骨茶

If you are thinking where and what to eat in Kota Tinggi, Try this very famous Bak Kut Teh. "强记早市肉骨茶 Kiang Kee Bak Kut Tea" 

This Kiang Kee BKT is a very famous BKT in Kota Tinggi, 
Kota Tinggi (KT) is located about 40km from North East of Johor Bahru. Travelling from JB town to KT will takes about 40 mins without traffic jam. the road to KT is always free of traffic, so no worries about that. however this shop is located at the farthest side of KT. it will took nearly 1 hour to travel to here from JB. 
Though Far yet it did not deter the BKT lovers to travel far to had their meal here. 
I can assure of that! as i am one of these BKT Lovers, 45min travel in the morning for breakfast is actually not so bad when the country road you pass by has lots of trees and palm trees. to me, it is just like a picnic in weekend for a relaxing and sense of fulfillment of breakfast is worth it! 
The main patron for this restaurant is local from KT, Passer by from JB and Singaporeans that is going to Desaru, Kota Tinggi Waterfall, Mersing and Endau Rompin. everytime we passed by we will definitely drop by and had a breakfast before continuing our adventure on other places. 
This shop has been in business for more than 20 years i bet. heard about stories that in the early years instead of using pork they use wild boar meat that they hunted near their house to cook BKT! 
That is so cool and Interesting ingredient! but ... no more now.. wild boar meat is hard to hunt nowadays even in Kota Tinggi and if replacing pork with wild boar meat will definitely sent the bill up to the sky. 

Business hour here is starting from 7.30am till he sold out (Roughly around 11.30am) if it was weekend be prepared that it will sold out earlier! 
Today i arrived at 8.30 am (yeah i am a early bird i thought!). Day Dreaming!! i have to wait around 20 minutes to grab a table for me and my friend. 
The restaurant is too crowded! by that time almost 30-40 table is fully occupied. so i have to wait for people to finish their food before we can have a sit. 

but no problem, you can order your food first before you found a table. 
then once you found a table there will be a number for the table which is hang on the roof. go and update the owner / waiter of the number they will sent the food to your table there. 

what should we order? 
Needless to say, 1st thing is BKT, then Braised Pork Leg, Ham Choi, and lastly a pot of chinese tea "Hao Cha" "好茶".  

1.     BKT - here is a clay pot style, serve Boiling in the clay pot, it has a Strong taste of Herbs which i guess is the same recipe years ago to cook wild boar meat (as wild boar meat has a very heavy wild taste) and yes, it definitely taste good proven by the crowded there! it was served together with mushroom & fried tau kee and 3 layer meat (三辰肉 a description for chinese for 3 layer Skin, Fat, and meat). Verdict = Yum Yum and very tasty! worth every KM for the travelling! 
2.     We also Ordered Braised Pig Leg - Verdict = taste nice but not fantastic, i give 3.5 star for this. tenderness of the meat is just nice, but my pot meat is just too fat.. not perfect :(.  
3.     Fried Tau Fu pok - it is a type of food fried Tau fu skin till crispy if you understand what i meant. Verdict = of course Fried Tau Fu Pok is very tasty as it absorb the soup in to it and haha just nice :) think also hungry... 
4.     a pot of pepper pork nerve - they picked out parts of the pig with nerve and slice it to very slim pieces, it give a very good feel of chewing, the soup of the pepper taste is not too strong. Verdict =i will give it 4 Star. Must try! i yet try it before elsewhere. 
5.     a pot of Chinese Tea - "Hao Cha" - i din know what type of tea is that, asked also just simply answer me with a grin "Hao Cha Loh" zzz, this boss is so cocky. but when you drink... i also started to grin :). now this tea is special, really cant recognize it's taste.. i bet there must be some mix among a few types of tea leave. the most special parts is it's fragrance! very nice and strong smell, taste fantastic. I like it very much as i am also a fans of chinese tea. Verdict = VERY GOOD TEA! Must try! 
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Boiling BKT
Clay Pot Tau Fu Pok!
Tau Fu Pok and Mui Choi
Pepper Pork Nerve
Braised Pork Leg

Clay pot BKT

Crowded scene

So many people waiting for table

inside waiting crowd

Name: Restaurant Kiang Kee Bak Kut Tea 强记早市肉骨茶
Address: Batu 8 1/2, Jalan Mawai, Kota Tinggi. Poskod 81900
Operating Hour: 7.30 am to 12 am (Till sold out, take note that normally sold out around 11am) 
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Some where around here in google map.


  1. It is closed for a few day. Till1st of september 2011. Take note folk!

    1. are u open on 7 august 2012?

  2. It is closed from 9 Mar - 18 Mar 2012. Reopens on 19 March 2012.

  3. what is the pricing like?

    1. I have no answer for you. But it won't be very expensive. Normal bkt price lo.. 10++ per head. Remember ask him to add xo if you eat there. Syiok!

  4. hi i just came back from there just now, being labour day and all at 7.45am already fully packed, super lucky to find a table haha
    just want to know if anyone know which day is the off day since i plan to bring my parents over in June =D

    thanks in advance

  5. monday is the off day.

  6. Hello people, i saw someone posted an update in another blog. It is now closed on mon and tues.

    1. Oh is it? Close for 2 day weekly now? That's bad news!
      Let me double confirm with my Kota tinggi friend.
      Will update once confirmed.
      Thanks for contributing !!

  7. So is it confirmed that they are closed on both mon and tues?

    1. Yes. It's confirmed he closed on Monday and Tuesday

  8. is any bus can go this place?
    or how much if we take taxi from kota tinggi

    1. There is no public transport going there. Some public bus do pass by. But no bus stop for you to stop.
      I do saw a lot of tour bus hence I believe some tour agency do provide convenience for their tour to stop there

      If by taxi I will only recommend to take off from Kota tinggi. If from JB it will be too costly
      And you might have to ask the taxi driver to wait for you to bring you back Kota tinggi cos I don't think that route will have any taxi passby too.
      Do let me know if you really using public transport to go there eat, I love to hear to what extend bkt lover will do in order to have them.