Monday, April 18, 2011

Storia Cafe - Otak-Otak Breakfast 十多利茶餐市 - 乌塔早餐

Storia Cafe Famous for Otak Otak

Looking for a nice Breakfast in Johor Bahru? Try this Storia Cafe (Non Halal), it sells Economy Mee, Mee hon, Nasi Lemak, and Otak Otak.
This place is famous for it's homemade Otak Otak. They sold a lot of otak daily. most famous for it's Fish head Otak. it is a must try!
What is otak-otak? follow this link to wikipedia here
on this trip (refer to the photo) i did not manage to eat his fish head otak due to have to wait, and i was rushing to somewhere. i only manage to have some normal otak-otak

Others food is just ok only *not special one i will not want to blog bout it :(
Must try = Otak Otak. 
*Tips to eat is must not eat it while it is hot! dunno why while hot it's taste is rather bland. but the more cooler the otak is the more tasty it is. if somebody can enlighten me..

nxt time if i manage to eat it's fish head otak-otak again i will upload the picture for you guys!
Peng Otak-Otak

Peng ah peng

burn ah burn

Freshly burn otak otak 

Nasi Lemak as main course

Name: Storia Cafe Storia Cafe - Otak-Otak Breakfast 十多利茶餐市 - 乌塔早餐
Address: No 78, Jalan Storey, Bukit senyum, 81100 Johor Bahru.
Business Hour: open daily from 7am (boss said about 6.30 start) till finish Normally at 11am.

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