Saturday, March 3, 2012

Negeri Sembilan tourism fliers is wasting money

Today at the Johor Matta fair I came across of this Negeri Sembilan (ns) fliers of tourism.
I have taken 2 different fliers for ns. 1 for Eco-tourism and 2nd one for Cultural Heritage. Which actually looked interesting to me with the nice eye catching picture on the fliers.

All this while I has always been supporting internal tourism instead of abroad tourism. The reason is I always hated some people with the mindset of "moon on abroad is roundest" (in a Chinese proverb). In other word it means that the person always thinking other country is always better and more beautiful.

I always had a wish that I could finish travel whole Malaysia before I starting really travelling others country.

Ok Fast forward -

And to my disappointment, this fliers is totally useless and I could say it hold absolutely no info. It is even more worthless than a piece of white paper..

Look at the inside of the fliers... Only listed the name of the place and nothing else.. What the hell?! Can't even bother to describe the place, address, phone number, or any info that we can used for digging more info.

Though I had always avoided writing negative thing in my blog, however I hope that our tourism advertising must do a whole lot more than this! It is totally unacceptable with this kind of standard that our tourism ministry can only do. I would say we can easily get any fliers that is more informative than this in any other counter.

This is what our foreigner friend is looking at our tourism. Do you really think that this piece of paper will attract anyone on this earth?
Our tourism industry is still a very long way to go.

Good luck!

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  1. This is bolehland.
    I went korea last year and found their tourism center very useful. Updated brochure in different languages, even japanese that they hate so much. The brochure introduce famous local food, discount voucher for visitor, public transport. In fact, it is a book instead of brochure only. contain info almost every street, come with suggestion route, and expenses.

  2. So this is where the blogger of Malaysia have to be more outstanding than the government in order to push our own country tourism ...
    That's why blog like mine is important. Ha ha!