Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pandan Beef Noodle 班兰牛肉面

Pandan Beef Noodle a all time favorite for me. I had this noodle ever since i was kid. 
Pandan Beef Noodle now has 2 branch, 1 in Pandan New Village nearby of the Chinese Temple (三神庙). Another which is always visited is at Johor Jaya Branch. It is rumored that the business is started by their father, later the recipe was passed to his 3 children, and now there are only 2 of his 3 children was still selling beef noodle. 

What you should eat when you are here? I would strongly recommended Dry Noodle. one of the best taste is the taste of his fried garlic oil when it was put on the noodle. when you mixed with their home made chili sauce sweet and spicy on his dry noodle was fantastic.

of course that the main dish is its Beef Ball. their specialties is 2 kind of beef ball. 
  1. Plain Beef Ball - Although it seems like nothing special. it is their hand made beef ball that is very bouncy when you bite it. 
  2. Beef Nerve Ball - this balls is produced from some part of the cattle. the part of the meat that has a lot of nerve on it. normally if we eat by steak these meat will be very hard to cut of. they had amazingly creatively use this part to made it into balls. it created the most bouncy type of ball you will ever had. further added pepper into the making. taste heavenly Fantastic. 

Bad news is 2nd type of balls always sold out. if you are not an early bird you might will missed it.
Of course when you are eating Beef Noodle you should not missed the beef inner parts such as beef kidney, also give a special taste. trust me it wont taste weird. 

they charge reasonably at RM 6 per bowl. 
opened from 8 - 3pm daily. 

Address: Jalan Bakawali 37, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru Johor. 
Enjoy Folks!

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