Saturday, August 27, 2011

lost passion while struggling to meet the so called "Target"

Good Morning Johor!

Today Sunday Morning, it is good day, we are nearing to a festive season, all Johorean & Malaysian will have the same feeling with me. coming on Hari Raya for Muslim on 30th and 31st of August, it also falls on the same day with our National Day on 31st of August. so Malaysian holidays is from 30th of August till 1st of september (Tuesday to Thursday!).

so it is a very long long holiday for all of us especially Muslim Malaysian. Most of my office muslim already started their leave on 29th of August, continued with 2nd of September you will get your perfect 1 week holiday with only 2 days leave taken. Cheers buddy!

I had myself notice that my blog has been unable to keep up with my initial target of 1 post per week due to my busy schedule for the past 2 month. i still manage to find a lots of nice food but the problem is i am unable to continue to write a nice blog. most of the time when i update my blog it will be only some information and without some feeling touch in it. Eventually i stopped to blog it for another 1 month.. the reason is it has break my purpose of blogging. the real purpose of blogging is to share my feeling and also to promote anything happening that catches my attention in Johor. but because of the struggle of keeping the routine of the blogging it almost ruined my blogging mood.

Luckily, after watching a movie Called "Californication" with Hank Moody (Starred by David Duchnovy more well known as actor in X-file) as a writer in this movie has enlighten me that writing is a thing that should be write with feeling or emotion instead of just information.

so today, started a new chapter with my blog hopefully. i have decided that in order to keep my passion for sharing, it is more important to keep quality in order than to keep quantity in order. Cheers again!

Lastly i would like to take this chance to wish All Muslim a Very Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri and All Malaysian a Happy Merdeka Day! not to forget to wish Singaporean a Happy Holiday Too! 

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