Friday, September 16, 2011

Restaurant Hwa Mei Bak Kut Teh, 40 yrs of taste 华美肉骨茶

Restaurant Hwa Mei
There are so many Good taste BKT in Johor, but a few fit my taste bud. Hwa Mei is one of the few that managed to keep my mind on him every time that i was in JB town in the morning. Now the name of the restaurant is confusing. I would think that it should be called Hwa Mei, instead of Mei Hwa. as Old chinese word reading is always from right to left (reverse when compare to english reading). I am confusing is because searching in internet most of the netizen called this restaurant as Hwa mei. Anyway we are referring to the same restaurant.

Hwa Mei already has more than 40 yrs of running business and is still here. although they had changed the "management team" (I actually mean the cashier), original tau keh nio (Lady Boss) has already passed away due to cancer (My condolence). But the chef uncle always with a white singlet (Bruce Lee style) is still there healthy and cooking. So rest assure that as per my title Original taste for 40 yrs is still here.

Environment in this restaurant is always cosy, this shop is located under a big old tree and windy spot, so you can imagine you don't need air-cond to keep yourself cosy in this place.
Its BKT is cooked using charcoal, and the whole restaurant is filled with mild aromatic smell of charcoal.
In terms of service it has actually gotten better since changes of management, it is now managed by their relative on the cashier and service side.
I would rate a 'B' on its cleanliness. The staff working there is also very friendly :)

It is a bowl type BKT, they managed to keep the tenderness of the pork and you can which part of the pork that you like.
It has a very tasty broth - strong sauce taste, but not heavy taste. taste Best when you are having your "Brunch"

Remember to always order a pot of hot tea when having BKT, Tea is said to be helpful on lowering your blood cholesterol. as BKT is consider high cholesterol food. eg: eating satay with cucumber.

Restaurant Hwa Mei 华美肉骨茶
146, Jalan Lumba Kuda
80300, Johor Bahru 
Operating hour: 10-2pm
Off days : unknown but open on weekend

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Google maps Location as per below. I cant pin point the exact location. you might need to ask the locals there if you cant locate the shop. Good luck! 

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