Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chez Market Restaurant, Western Food, Totally FRESH Dining Concept

Chez Market Restaurant

This time, I would like to recommend this Western Restaurant called “Chez Market Restaurant” which is located in Austin Height, well, What’s so special about it?
It is the concept of the restaurant. They are selling their food like a “Market” concept. They had renovated the restaurant to works like a market. They displayed all their ingredient or so called “Menu” on the table. You can choose your dish by walking around the restaurant just as you are choosing your ingredient in a Market. Genius isn’t it? Because it really given me a feeling that the food is Really Fresh! From your main dish, Fruit Juice, Salad ETC. Pick your dinner on the spot!

You will not receive any menu card. Instead they will give you a card to record what is the dish that you had chosen. If you are choosing a place for a good relaxing dinner I would say this is one of your choice 

Main dish Menu
Salad Menu
Fruit juice stall

as for my dinner on that night i had a grilled snapper,  i am not a western food lover, and this plate size is just too small for me to fill my stomach. but it taste good. nothing to complain, the cream that was used as sauce for the fish is just fantastic. while my friend was having a lasagne taste good too.

Grilled Snapper

 The only thing i would like to complain, our lasagne came very late. the chef forgot to cook our dish though there was not many people in the restaurant at that time and surprisingly the table next to us too has 1 dish forgotten. i guess this is just a technical problem which could be solved easily if the owner of the restaurant take it seriously.
but Owner pls take note if you see this, pls never mess with a hungry man. hungry man lose his temper very fast! 

Pricing: well it is consider pricy for me, an average spending per person would be about 30 easily.
Conclusion: Recommended to eat if you are a Western food lover, looking for a nice environment for food, spaghetti lover.

Address: 23, Jln Austin Heights 3/1, Tmn Mount Austin, 81100, Johor Bahru, Johor
Business time: Daily 12pm ~ 11pm.

Enjoy !

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