Saturday, July 23, 2011

2nd generation of Delicious Rojak from Penang (Johor Jaya Jalan Seroja 12)

Mr Goh's Rojaks 
This small stall under the shades of tree is selling one of Malaysia's all time favorite's Tea time Desserts. ROJAK. but it will be eye catching in the afternoon with the continuous patron over the stall. The patrons will more often buy more than 1 packets of rojaks. Of course to bring it back to office to share with colleague (good Malaysian Culture)

Rojak is a desserts with mixture of many small pieces variety of fruits and in addition of Special 'Hei Koh' (Black prawn paste) give a touch of perfection to this dessert.
Local will always heard of rojak joke such as Bahasa Rojak, Rojak knowledge. Rojak in this kind of event will be defined as 'Mixed; Variety'. So you can now imagine that how Rojak is Mixture of variety fruits.

Whats makes this rojak so special?

  1. it's well prepared Hei Koh sauce has strong sweet prawn smell. 
  2. 'chef' is a good fruits picker. it's fruits is sweet and fresh. 
  3. a good variety of fruits. one of my enjoying moment is guessing types of fruit by using my tongue. it is unusual for a rojaks to use too many types fruit. they had use cempedak, jambu air, pineapple, timun, guava and a hell lot more that i cant possibly remember all. it is so enjoyable like opening gift box on birthday. No joke man! 
not sure when is their off day. but they seldom failed my wish. they are always open on afternoon and even on weekend.

They are now on their second generation of selling rojaks. we need to give more support to them for them to stay survive by eating more rojaks. such good authentic food is now very very hard to find anymore. as it is not lucrative as opening shops. 

Seroja 12 Rojak (Stall) 
Jalan Seroja 12
Taman Johor Jaya
81100 Johor Bahru 
Operating hour: Unknown Afternoon Daily
Off days : unknown but open on weekend

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