Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ah Hua Kueh Teow Soup (Tmn Century Branch)

So sorry for not updating my blog for the past 1 month. mainly is due to i am busy for my biggest day of my life (Wedding). after 1 month of busy now life has goes back to normal. now can start back to my Spicy Johor Sharing site. Cheers!

Okay back to the main title, this Ah Hua Kueh Teow is a new branch in Tmn Century nearby KSL City. its old shop is located in plentong. a lots of JB ppl had eaten before in this old shop. I happen to found it while looking for food after shopping in KSL City. Ah Hua is an family business. this shop is opened by another sibling of their family business. Better ambiance from the old shop, temperature is Better (Old shop is just too hot sometimes when we are having lunch).

Their main dish is selling Kueh Teow soup with pork and with port liver, and pork skin. So what is so special?

  • 1st thing that is special is it's smooth and tasty Kueh Teow. Kueh teow soup must come with tasty Kueh Teow right!? well they have it. 
  • Soup - Tasty soup that is strong with sweet pork bone taste. 1 thing that i am surprisingly disappoint is it's soup is not as hot as it should be. of course it is a hot soup. i would personally prefer it is VERY hot type with lots of smoke coming out of it. 
  •  Pork Liver - They had the skill to cook the Liver to perfection. A overcooked liver will be too Powdery.. it feels like you are biting a wet cookies. an undercooked liver will taste too bloodied.. but a perfectly cooked liver will taste juicy and tasty! I must say that not many people has the skill to do that. Bravo!
  • others such as pork meat, pork skin is good too. 
Lastly you will need to know how to eat. you must try their Dry Kueh Teow - then ask them to add vinegar and their red sweet spicy paste. that will do the job you will definitely be happy with your meal! Cheers! 

Layout of the Shop. opposite of KSL City

Kueh Teow Soup

Dry Kueh Teow with vinegar and spicy paste

soup for the Dry Kueh Teow
Ah Hua Kueh Teow 
Jalan Serigala
Taman Abad / Taman Century
80250 Johor Bahru 
Operating hour: 9am to 3pm & 6pm to 9pm(Daily)
Off days on Monday Night Only

Old Shop Address:  
Jalan Rotan Bakau, 
Off Jalan Masai, Masai
81750 Masai

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