Sunday, April 3, 2011

Malaysian Rally 2011 Special Stage 12 & 13

Whats Hot in Johor? Malaysian Rally 2011!
3rd day of Malaysian Rally - at last i manage to arrange some time watch it LIVE in Kota Tinggi Tai Tak.
it was a hot afternoon, i am watching the stage 12 & 13 only. I am no fans for Rally and also a 1st timer Spectator even though it has hold many times in Johor.
Sad to say that Malaysian Rally advertising is not enough or informative enough..
1st thing is not many people in Johor Bahru know about this Nor understand what it is. I am not sure what the official going to do about that. definitely that PC fair has more spectator than this RARE Rally race in Johor.
2nd thing is that we tried very hard to get the information on the internet before we understanding the Racing time, venue ETC.
When we on the way to the racing track we still unsure whether the track is open to the public or not. Well this is sad because i believe that many people will decide to drop their plan because of the uncertainty..
Hope the official do more about that. I am proud that it is hold in Johor and i am able to view it LIVE here without travelling far.
I also sure that many Johoreans will like it too. so Official Pls Do something to increase it's Awareness and information!!

Taken some picture and post it for your view. Enjoy!
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