Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cendol in Mersing Restoran Al Hamid

Cendol of Restoran Al Hamid

After a hot afternoon in Mersing looking for a cool dessert? Cendol is one of the best Desert in Malaysia to reduce our body temperature. Combination of Coconut Milk, Gula Melaka, Red Bean, Green Jelly (normally derived coloring from pandan leaf) soaked in grinded ice. 
it is one of My Favorite all time traditional dessert.    

Everytime when i come out from island thru Mersing Jetty (a hot afternoon), i will definitely go to this place to have a cool cendol. I only eat their traditional type of cendol. Their Cendol have very nice Gula Melaka fragrance, Sweet but not too sweet that i never felt sick of having too much.
You also has the choice of choosing their Cendol Special With Chocolate Ice cream topping. I never tried that.
They are also popular with their Ice Kacang but i tried it before erm.. not my type of tea.. too sweet for me.  see your own taste preference.

Front View Of Restoran Al Hamid

Preparing Cendol

Another Specialty Ais Kacang
Restoran Al Hamid
Located at Jalan Dato Mohd Ali
Business time : unknown 
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