Monday, April 18, 2011

Qiu Bo Curry House Ulu Tiram 秋波咖喱之家

Qiu Bo Curry House
Pass by Ulu Tiram with an empty stomach during noon? wanna look for something nice to eat? try this!
Another one old player famous for good food in Johor, this is located in Ulu Tiram. It is famous for it's nice and sweet curry gravy. Qiu Bo's Curry is special from other's curry taste. 
I feel it has a very strong taste of of coconut milk, but it is type of sweet and fresh fragrance. and it does not taste very spicy.. just mild spicy, good for those who are not spicy food lover. 

Everyday it is flocked with a lot of customer during lunch hour. you might have to wait awhile for a table during peak hour. but the patrons is mostly their regular customer who has already fallen in love with their unique coconut taste curry. 

Taste of  the curry will kill off the smelly fish odor, and why Fish head? Well Fish head has to most delicate fish meat among the whole fish, Especially on the fish Cheek, back neck, and "fish Jelly" or skin on  its face and lips. this is why older people like fish head, while the young man will go for the body due to more meat. it is Quality Vs Quantity theory. Ha ha.. 

So what we must order here? 
  1. Curry Fish Head (咖喱鱼头) - Of course it is the main Male actor of the movie mah! 
  2. Curry Pork Rib (咖喱排骨) - this is the main Female actor of the movie!
  3. Handmade Fish Ball  - trust me, it is very bouncy, you can do ping pong ball with this exactly what you had seen in Stephen Chow Movie (Good of cookery). so you are gonna have a nice chewing session. 
  4. Handmade Otak-Otak - this is also a must try! it's taste is as good as muar's Otak-Otak.  

The view inside of the restaurant

Curry Fish Head with a juicy Cheek YumYum!
Curry Pork Ribs
Bouncy Handmade Fish Ball

Bouncy Handmade Fish Ball
Tasty Handmade Otak Otak
Tasty handmade Otak Otak

Restaurant: Qiu Bo Curry House 秋波咖喱之家
Address: No xx not on the wall :( so i do not know the number
              Jalan Mutiara, 81800 Ulu Tiram
Operating Hour: 11am - 3pm.

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Somewhere here in Google Map. Dont worry, you can easily locate it is you are on the right address.

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