Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to identify and Avoid using Bpa bottles Baby milk bottles??

Recent hot issue in Malaysia is regarding baby BPA bottle that will be effect Our hormones gland which will affect lots of health problem, especially on the baby. Due to I have many friends that has recently given birth this issue has captured much of my attention. I conclude the information in a way that we are easy to understand. BPA exist not only in baby bottle. But also adult use bottle. So those ppl without baby should see too!

So what is a BPA?
It is a kind of chemical called polymer Bisphenol A, commonly referred to as BPA, has been used for years in baby bottles, sippy cups, sports bottles and other plastics. Because of its connection to reproductive abnormalities and premature rates of puberty, many manufacturers have begun creating BPA-free products--particularly for baby bottles and other beverage containers.

How do we identify it?
1) easiest way is by buying bottle with BPA FREE label. Then confirm no BPA at the bottle.
2) if it is a recycle product. BPA product will be labelled with a number 7 within a triangular arrow. Thus it means if the bottle has numbering as a replacement of the recycle ambiguity. avoid it!
3) choose those bottle not too clear looking. Manufacturer add BPA is to make the bottle look clean and clear. Thus those without BPA should look blur.

If your still cant recognised it, most easiest way is to avoid using plastic product and start using metal product for your own health sake and green earth purpose. live well, live healthy folks! Hope this helps u guys!

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