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Eating Steam Grouper in Mersing Lok Tien

Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant Steam Grouper

Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant Dish

Where to eat and What to eat in Mersing? 
when we are in Mersing, a popular town with loads of boats activities such as fishing and of course a transit point to various of Paradise Island such as Pulau Rawa, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Besar, Pulau Aur etc. when you are in a town like this definitely we would like to have a nicely cooked fresh seafood! 

So i looked around in internet post and found this restaurant recommended by Mersing.com. Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant which recommend it for it's seafood. 

It is relatively easy to find. town area somewhere nearby Public Bank.  But the the advertising board of this shop is not very eye-catching. However as the address is clear definitely we will have no problem in recognizing it. 

Clean and Old renovation
Old tiles of the wall
Once step inside i notice that this shop is noticeably clean and neat. there stood the Margaret in the counter smiling at us. she welcome us with a warm smile :) (yeah i like her very much on the first time meeting her). This shop is also giving me an feeling of old shop, but it is a pleasant old shop feeling.

I asked what dish to recommend, Margaret Recommended a few of her specialties

  • Steam Grouper
  • Ko Lou Yok (Sweet and sour Fried Pork) 
  • Char Siew Kai (Char Siew and Steam Chicken)
  • Ribs and Bitter Gourd 
She also said i word that i salute her is "采样悟多,好吃就好“ Which means She don't cook many types of dish, but every dish is tasty. see how cocky is she? but I Like it! 

I ordered 3 dish, Steam Fresh Grouper, Sweet and Sour Fried Pork (Ko Lou Yok), and a Vegetable.

Steam Fresh Grouper

Grouper did not die in vain... Margaret has done well with the fish. Fish is fresh, i could even eat the head, its fin without taste of Fishy or bitter taste. They cooked the fish in a very simple ways. bit of soy sauce had done the job well. But i believe it is not a normal soy sauce, this sauce tasted bits of sweet and sesame oil. not the salty type, it has greatly risen the taste of the fresh Fish. If the fish is not fresh then it will definitely taste very bad. Reason is the sauce is not the Lead actor in this dish (Unlike normal place that they use various type of sauce which will cover up the smell of the fish, if you get what i mean here..), Fish is the lead actor. No wonder Folks in Mersing would boast this restaurant cook the best fish in town. Totally Agreed!!
Ko Lou Yok
This dish tells me that the chef is very careful person. cooking with an old school type. seriously... you can see that every meat is a big piece, it is wrapped in a thick Fried Flour. Meat is tender. Taste good.
Why i said the chef is a careful person and old school cooking style? nowadays cooking this dish in normal restaurant you can easily notice that piece of meat is small piece always. Only a good chef that wanted to cook a good food will slowly apply a thick flour on the meat before fried it.. such thick flour meat I can only remember when i had it 20 years ago, and occasionally on a 5 star Restaurant.

Cash counter

Open for lunch from 12:00pm - 3:30pm
Open for dinner From 6.00pm to 9:00pm
I hate myself for not saving their phone number on the spot!! (i requested from Margaret but forget to save. Gosh!!) 
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