Sunday, March 6, 2011

Video and Photo Johor Bahru Chingay Parade 2011 柔佛新山游神 2011

2011 Johor Bahru Ching Gay ended. 
Rumors that this year Ching Gay attracted total of 250k participant and audience. higher response from last year! Bravo to all the supporting team, Media, performers! sooner or later it will put it into worlds heritage.

Below are some of the Video and Photo that i had took during this event. Pls comment if there is any improvement that you would like to see.


Kung Fu Performance

Swing for Prosperity! 
Believe says that the more ferocious it swing the more respect we pays to the deity.  

988 DJ wishing Joining us with the Ching Gay Parade!

photo is here. this year again creative dragon took the limelight such as below. 

Big Flag

Waiting at the beginning of the parade

Balloon Dragon

White Dragon

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